'We have the same arm!' Photo of Orlando soccer player, fan goes viral

Carson Pickett 'fist-bumps' 2-year-old Joseph Tidd

IG: tiddbit_outta_hand

ORLANDO, Fla. – A photo of an Orlando Pride soccer player greeting a young fan has gone viral. 

The picture shows Pride defender Carson Pickett "fist-bumping" 1-year-old Joseph Tidd after a game in June.

Pickett pointed to her arm and told Tidd, "We have the same arm!'" 

You can tell how happy he was – just look at that smile! 

And it wasn't the first time Joseph met Carson, though. The 1-year-old is a huge fan, and they met during the Orlando Pride's home opener. 

"She bent down and showed Joseph her arm, and then he had this kind of 'a-ha moment' where he just paused, looked at her face and looked at her arm, and then all of a sudden this big smile came on his face," Miled Tidd, Joseph's father said.

The Tidd family wasn't aware the photo has gone viral. It was shared on Instagram a month ago, and in the last 24 hours it's breaking the internet.

"Even after the picture, the picture that went viral we were driving home and the whole time he just stared at his arm and was giggling so he was you know taking it all in, literally the whole entire time driving home he was just giggling and enjoying that moment realizing that you know there are others that are like him," Colleen Tidd, Joseph's mom added.

The Tidd family says this photo with Carson helps them reach their goal: to connect more people with limb differences to the Lucky Fin Project. Their Instagram account serves to help educate people about they call being "differently able."

Joseph will be celebrating his second birthday in September, keep an eye on their Instagram page for their celebrations.