Man dresses like a lady to avoid authorities, police say

Woodrow Dyer dresses like a lady and looks like Steven Tyler by coincidence

(Courtesy MSCO)

MARION COUNTY, Fla. – After escaping Marion County Sheriff Office authorities who were trying to serve him a felony warrant, Woodrow Dyer decided to dress up like a woman to avoid further detection, police say.

Resembling Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith, by pure coincidence in an attempt to fool deputies while also dressing like a women, Dyer, 38, was found again the next day.

Authorities said Dyer fled into the woods after getting out of a truck on the side of a road. They followed him, and Dyer was apprehended by Deputy Donahue and K9 partner “Tipster,” authorities said.

Dyer was arrested on May 20 and was charged with two counts of resisting an officer without violence. Dyer’s felony warrant was served for possession of a weapon or ammo by a convicted felon.

Watch the video below to see footage of Dyer's arrest, featuring the song "Dude Looks Like A Lady," by Aerosmith.



DUDE LOOKS LIKE A LADY!! On May 19th, Woodrow Dyer fled from MCSO deputies who were attempting to serve a felony warrant on him. Dyer got away, but deputies continued their search for him. Knowing he was a wanted man, Dyer began dressing like a woman to try to "fool" deputies. But he was found the very next day. Dyer flees from deputies into the woods during this traffic stop.... Dyer was quickly apprehended by K9 Deputy Donahue and his partner K9 "Tipster." Any resemblance to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is purely a coincidence... ARRESTED: Woodrow Dyer (DOB:11/10/1978) Charges: Two Counts of Resisting an Officer without Violence, Felony Warrant Served for Possession of Weapon or Ammo by a Convicted Felon MUSIC COPYRIGHT: Aerosmith, "Dude Looks like a Lady."

Posted by Marion County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, May 23, 2017