Florida man accused of killing alligator, trying to sell meat

Shaun Edward Sparks, 33, arrested in Lakeland


LAKELAND, Fla. – A Florida man has been charged with killing an alligator and trying to sell the meat.

Shaun Edward Sparks, 33, was arrested Sunday on two counts of possessing and killing an alligator.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said residents in a Lakeland neighborhood called authorities Sunday afternoon, saying Sparks was trying to sell them an alligator tail.

A licensed trapper responded and found the 7-foot alligator's carcass. The animal had been stabbed multiple times, officials said.

After his arrest, Sparks told officers he had taken the meat home to show his girlfriend, Christy Michelle Vincent, 27. She was also arrested and faces one count of possessing an alligator.

Jail records didn't list attorneys for Sparks or Vincent.