Watch: Raccoon named Hank Williams hangs out car window on Florida highway

Raccoon's owner comments on Facebook video

(Credit: Savannah Jade)
(Credit: Savannah Jade)

You often see dogs hanging out car windows, but a raccoon -- that would make anyone do a double take.

A Facebook user did just that and captured it all on video when she saw a raccoon riding in a driver’s lap, hanging out the window going down a Homossassa, Florida, highway. 

The raccoon looks so comfortable and like he’s done this before. 

The raccoon’s owner saw the Facebook video and commented to let everyone know more details about her beloved pet. 

“Just to let everyone know that was me in that car and the famous raccoons name is Hank Williams,” Trisha Dunavant said. “I rescued him at 2 weeks old after he fell out of a tree and momma left him and he thinks he’s a dog and best friends with my 100lb pit bull. He just had his 1st birthday.”

While many of the comments on the Facebook video were negative toward the driver, there were a few people who commended Dunavant for rescuing the raccoon. 

“I think that is pretty awesome that you rescued that raccoon,” Jillian Bolton Applegate said. “He is adorable! I definitely wouldn't let these really stupid comments get you down! Hank is pretty cool!”

The raccoon’s owner went on to say, “I grew up in West Virginia so to me it's normal but I have to admit when my daughter sent (the video) to me I was dying. Because from someone who doesn’t know his background or me would find it hilarious! I'm still laughing.”

*Warning: Video contains strong language

I can’t take living in homosassa anymore man . 🤣🤣

Posted by Savannah Jade on Sunday, June 2, 2019

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