Kinkajou barges into home, attacks Florida man

Witness says it sounded 'like a 300-pound man tackling him in kitchen'

LAKE WORTH BEACH, Fla. – A small rainforest raccoon-like creature ran into a Florida apartment and bit a man after he opened the front door to head to work, officials said.

WPEC-TV reports the kinkajou bit the man's foot and scratched his leg but did not seriously injure him in the Friday attack.

A woman who witnessed the incident at the Lake Worth Beach apartment said it sounded "like a 300-pound man was tackling him in the kitchen."

Natalie Dulach said the furry mammal with sharp claws clung to the man's leg as he fought to get it off him. The man managed to lock the long-tailed animal in the bathroom until wildlife officers arrived.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report said the kinkajou was taken to a wildlife facility.

Officers didn't say where the animal came from.