Florida man fed kinkajou before attack, wildlife officials say

Watermelon was left for animal

LAKE WORTH BEACH, Fla. – The night before a Florida man was attacked by a kinkajou that barged into his home, he left watermelon outside so the rainforest creature could snack.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials released a brief synopsis of the incident that happened in Lake Worth Beach on July 25. They said the man saw the wide-eyed mammal on his doorstep one night so he gave it some fruit. The next morning as he was leaving for work, the critter made its way inside his apartment.

Reports say the animal used its sharp claws to cling to the man's leg as he tried to fight it off. Eventually, he was able to lock it in a bathroom until FWC agents arrived to transport it to a licensed facility.

Since kinkajous are not native to the U.S., wildlife officers attempted to locate its owner but were unsuccessful.


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