Florida woman who bit camel's testicles denies throwing treats

Gloria Lancaster cited for not leashing her dog

File photo.
File photo.

GROSS TETE, La. – The Florida woman who bit a 600-pound camel's testicles to escape from beneath it denies that she and her husband threw treats for their dog into the camel's enclosure at a Louisiana truck stop.

Gloria Lancaster told The Advocate on Wednesday that she suffered broken bones and had to have her lungs drained of blood after Caspar the camel knocked her over and sat on her at the Grosse Tete petting zoo.

Lancaster admits she crawled into the pen to retrieve her dog, but she disputes the Iberville Parish Sheriff's Office's accusations that the couple threw treats into the cage.

Lancaster said she doesn't fault the camel and understands he was only protecting his territory.

The couple was cited for not leashing their dog, but Lancaster said the truck stop should have better secured its enclosure.