Has your name been used to name a hurricane?

Read NOAA's full list of retired hurricane names


ORLANDO, Fla. – It's the first day of hurricane season, which means we'll be finding out the names of this year's hurricanes soon enough. 

Since 1953, the United States has been naming hurricanes to make it easier to communicate information about the different storms, according to NOAA. This is especially important when there are two or more storms occurring at the same time. 

When names were first introduced, hurricanes were only given female names. That trend ended in 1978 when men's and women's names were included in the eastern North Pacific storm lists, according to NOAA. 

An international committee of the World Meteorological Organization establishes a strict procedure when it comes to giving the hurricanes official names. 

Below is a list of retired Atlantic hurricane names that your name could be a part of, according to NOAA.