NHC shares 2017 list of Atlantic tropical cyclone names

Arlene formed in April; Bret next on list


The World Meteorological Organization shared a list of 21 names that will be used to name potential tropical cyclones formed in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and North Atlantic Ocean in 2017.

According to the WMO, Atlantic tropical storms had been named from lists created by the National Hurricane Center since 1953, but those lists are now updated and maintained by an international committee within the WMO.

There are six lists that are rotated and recycled to be used again every seventh year. The names on each list remain the same unless a storm is particularly costly or deadly. In that case, the name is retired and another name is chosen to replace it during the committee's annual meeting, according to the National Hurricane Center. Several names have been retired.

The following list of names will be used to name storms formed in the Atlantic during 2017:

Arlene formed in April, so the next storm will be named Bret, the NHC said.