Who's next? Hurricane Dorian has company as tropics heat up

Dorian expected to travel along Florida's east coast

Tom Sorrells' detailed forecast of Hurricane Dorian.

ORLANDO, Fla. – While all eyes in Central Florida have been on Hurricane Dorian, the tropics continue to be very active, with several other systems either forming or brewing.

In the western Gulf, Tropical Storm Fernand formed Tuesday. While the storm is not a threat to Florida, it has the attention of those in deep South Texas, where it could bring periods of heavy rain over the next few days.

Fernand was moving west at 7 mph with 40 mph winds. The latest forecast shows it could arrive near the coast of northeast Mexico late Wednesday before turning into a depression as it moves inland staying south of Texas. 

Meanwhile, there's a tropical depression and another disturbance in the Atlantic.

Tropical Depression 8 formed near the Cabo Verde Islands Tuesday and is moving to the northwest at 8 mph.

The National Hurricane Center forecast shows it could become a tropical storm by Wednesday over the open Atlantic.

While it will be over the Atlantic for several days, it will be something to monitor but no threat to the eastern seaboard over the next week. 

Meanwhile, there's another disturbance several hundred miles south of Bermuda that the NHC says has a 50% percent chance of tropical development over the next five days.

Several tropical systems have formed or have the potential to do so.

It's moving toward the northwest and is expected to bring heavy rain to Bermuda as it moves away from the eastern seaboard. 

While hurricane season peaks between August and October, September 10, statistically speaking, is the day a tropical cyclone will be present somewhere in the Atlantic.

Hurricane season runs from June through November.

Being prepared is the key to staying safe. 

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