Former Orlando college student who survived Hurricane Dorian in Bahamas thankful to be alive

Sidney McIntosh shares what he experienced as hurricane sat over Bahamas

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ORLANDO, Fla. – A former Orlando college student who moved back to his home in the Bahamas in August said Saturday that he's thankful to be OK after Hurricane Dorian.

"I'm just grateful that I have somewhere to stay and I'm alive," Sidney McIntosh said.

McIntosh told News 6 what he experienced Monday afternoon as Hurricane Dorian sat over the Bahamas and water came rushing inside his house.

"The water was very deep when we were leaving, though," McIntosh said. "It was coming in very quickly."

McIntosh said that his neighbor's vehicle became his family's only hope of getting to higher ground.

"We had to hop on the back of his truck during the middle of the hurricane and ride through. The truck was almost completely submerged while we were going through the wires, like, you know, flying all over the place," McIntosh said.

Once he made it to the shelter, McIntosh said that building became damaged, as well.

"After we got to the shelter, our roof did blow off," McIntosh said.

McIntosh said it wasn't until the next day that he was able to get into contact with his father, not knowing if he made it to safety, as well.

"I did not know where my father was. You know, we lost communication with him due to him not having a phone and whatnot. And it was scary because we knew that he did need help because his area was flooding," McIntosh said.

He said that he knows several people who have died in the wake of the storm.

McIntosh said Saturday he was finally able to see some of the donated supplies that are coming in from around the world.

"Every time I see it, you know, it's like a huge crowd and it's, and it's almost like impossible to get to the front and actually receive those products," McIntosh said. "I'm very appreciative. I'm happy to see that, that there is aid for my people in this time of need."

McIntosh said that his house is livable but will need to have the whole electrical system rewired before the family is able to get power again because of the flood damage.

Several organizations in central Florida, including the American Red Cross, are collecting donations for Hurricane Dorian victims in the Bahamas.

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