Evening storms move through Central Florida

Sea breeze storms to push inland

ORLANDO, Fla. – Summer doesn’t officially start for another 11 days, but it’s going to be sizzling Tuesday in Central Florida.

Orlando will reach a high near 92 degrees, but the “feels like” temperature will be close to 105. The average high on this date is 91. The record high is 100, set in 1907.

“We will continue to see afternoon storms, mainly because of the east and west coast sea breezes,” News 6 meteorologist Troy Bridges said. "The east coast sea breeze will be dominant, pushing storms inland by the afternoon. Most storms don’t fire up until after 2 p.m."

Expect a 60% coverage of rain Tuesday and a 50% coverage Wednesday and Thursday.

Highs will remain in the low 90s for the next couple of days.

A high of 90 is in the forecast over the weekend.

Orlando’s yearly rain deficit stands at 3.73 inches.

Tracking the tropics

A nontropical area of low pressure is expected to form in a day or so over the central Atlantic Ocean, a few hundred miles east of Bermuda.

Development of the system as a subtropical cyclone appears unlikely due to unfavorable environmental conditions, Bridges said.

The hurricane center is giving the weather system a 10% chance of development within the next five days.

Cristobal, meanwhile, is a tropical depression moving over Central Arkansas.

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