Look Up! You won’t be able to see this spectacle again until 2035

Only 39 million miles will separate Earth and Mars

Happens Tuesday . Mars won't be this big or bright until 2025.

Orlando, Fla. – The planets have been putting on a show recently in the night sky and it will get even better early next week.

Mars will take center stage and appear large and bright Tuesday as it reaches opposition. What does that mean?

Opposition occurs when the object, in this case, Mars, is completely opposite of the sun. As the sun sets Tuesday in the west, Mars will rise in the east, getting higher in the sky as the night goes on. During opposition, the object is at its brightest and biggest.

Mars will be one of the brightest objects in the sky and have a red tint to it, from the iconic dust on the Martian planet. Also, remember that stars twinkle and planets do not.

Mars will also “only” be about 39 million miles away Tuesday, it’s closest until 2035. The Red Planet was actually a little closer to Earth last week, but it wasn’t in opposition.

The night sky

For an additional treat, Saturn and Jupiter continue to hang out together in the southern sky.

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