Forecasting Change: Is a real or fake tree better for the environment?

Fake trees lower carbon footprint over time

The City of Orlando and the News 6 morning team will help kick off the holidays at Lake Eola Dec. 6.

In this week’s Forecasting Change I want to show you the energy numbers of real vs. fake Christmas trees.

In the graphic below note that if you use the same tree for five years you are doing right by the carbon footprint. Also, it is much better for the energy consumption if you use LED lights. LED holiday lights are 90% more efficient than older incandescent versions, with one-fifth the carbon footprint of traditional lights.

Carbon footprints or real vs fake trees.

That is a huge swing.

If you do use a real tree, consider mulching it instead of letting it go to a landfill. That makes an enormous difference as well.

Here in Central Florida we are spared wondering of the possibility of a White Christmas, however, we do usually have a cooler month to get in the mood for the holidays. But look at the temperatures for Christmas Day over the last 50 years. The days are gradually getting warmer and remember five years ago? It was the hottest Christmas ever ... we hit 86 degrees on Christmas Day 2015. Here’s to it not being record hot, or cold, this year.

Christmas extremes for Orlando

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