It’s OK to dream as the Euro snowfall forecast goes wild near the Florida-Georgia line

‘So you are saying we have a chance?’ Just barely, but it is better than 1 in a million

The 00z Wednesday Euro Snowfall Forecast rides off the rails over Southern Georgia.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – About two or three times each winter, the global forecast models (Euro and GFS) fly off the rails. This year’s crazy story is coming from the Euro Global Forecast Model.

The picture below pretty much gives it away, but in an unusual weather pattern not too far off from what the pattern we saw just before Christmas in 1989 (yes, that one, with the snow just before Christmas) is being predicted, according to News4Jax.

The European model is updated twice daily and on the very furthest fringe of its ability, about 10 days from now, the model wants to crank up an inverted trough to our south with a cold arctic high to our north.

The result is to stream onshore moisture while there is just enough cold air to allow for snow in Southern Georgia.

The 00z Wednesday Euro Snowfall Forecast rides off the rails over Southern Georgia.

So what are the odds? Just like the movie “Dumb and Dumber” when Jim Carey asked what were his chances of becoming Lauren Holly’s boyfriend? She responded by saying “about one in a million.” Jim was overjoyed, saying, “So you are telling me there is a chance!” Classic misrepresentation of reality.

We too are at that moment, although I would say for Southern Georgia the chances may be higher than one in a million, but just barely.

The chances for Jacksonville?

For now, “zero.”

But it is fun to dream.

10 Day forecast is all about fantasy, this is for entertainment purposes only

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