Notice anything? Here’s what those 2 bright objects are in the evening sky

Venus, Jupiter will form planetary conjunction in March

Venus (bottom) and Jupiter (top) dazzle the night sky

ORLANDO, Fla. – Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets in our night sky, are putting on a dazzling display in the evening. Venus, the brighter of the two planets, is lower on the horizon. Jupiter is higher in the sky.

Through the month of February, after sunset, you’ll also the two bright bodies inch closer together to form a planetary conjunction.

A conjunction is when two objects, far away from each other in reality, appear very close together from a certain point of view.

The planets will make their closest approach to one another on the evening of March 1. They will gradually drift farther apart after the first of the month.

The planets are setting with the sun, so you will only have about an hour of great viewing before the two sink below the horizon.

Planetary conjunction

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