Hurricane Irma has passed, so why are schools still closed?

School officials say many reasons for closures

FLORIDA - As Hurricane Irma has passed through Central Florida and Georgia, and power crews are working to restore power in neighborhoods, many people have been asking why schools across Central Florida have not reopened for students.

School officials said the answer is multifaceted, including that some schools are in the same predicament as many homes at the moment: no power.

Without power, officials are unable to let students return to classes, Seminole County Public Schools wrote in an email to parents.

Twenty-six of the county's schools are still without electricity, officials said.

Power is also needed to keep school cafeterias functioning. Without electricity for refrigeration, the food they currently have will spoil. Also, traffic lights need power to function and 67 percent of Seminole County is not expected to have power before Sunday. So commuting becomes unsafe for students, their parents and members of the transportation teams transporting students on buses.

Besides the power being out, the schools need to clean up debris on campus that could be a potential hazard to students and their parents.

The schools are unable to open unless the conditions both inside and out are safe for everyone.

As power is being stored, clean​​up akes place and evacuated families make their way home, schools in the region will stay closed until normalcy can restore.

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