Port Canaveral construction may create issues for fishermen this red snapper season

2019 federal Atlantic red snapper season begins Friday

BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. – One of the most sought after fish in Florida, the 2019 federal Atlantic red snapper season begins Friday.

Port Canaveral is expecting a tremendous increase in the number of recreational fishermen.

Parking is an issue at the boat ramps since work began on a new cruise terminal.

William Bright has fished out of the Port for 50 years and will fish for red snapper Friday.

"The construction is hurting us right now," Bright said. "There's going to be 300 parking spaces and 900 boats."

In response, the port is creating more parking space in an overflow lot.

It's not at the boat ramps though.

So Friday morning when parking at the boat ramps, is expected to reach capacity, fishermen will have to drop their boats in the water and drive to the Maritime Center, park their vehicles and trailers in a grassy lot, and the Port will provide a free shuttle ride back to the boat ramp.

"The boat ramp parking is always a scarce commodity," Barry Compagnoni with Port Canaveral said.

"What we recognized is this particular year and this particular weekend and next weekend are going to be very popular," he said.

Bright advises other fishermen to arrive early. 

He said he won't have to worry because he's parking at the boat ramp Thursday night and sleeping in his boat.

Officials said parking and use of the boat ramps is always free to the public including during the five-day snapper season.

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