400,000 Medicare beneficiaries report premiums deducted twice

US Treasury Department working to reverse 'duplicate charge'

 (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)
 (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

ORLANDO, Fla. – An estimated 411,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Central Florida and across the country who pay directly to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid were charged twice, according to sources with CMS.

News 6 has learned that people affected use “Easy Pay” or Automated Clearing House Payments.

The beneficiaries had their premiums deducted twice from their bank accounts last week.

Sources confirm CMS is “working with the Treasury Department to have the erroneous deductions credited back to the beneficiaries' bank accounts, as soon as possible.”

Approximately 20% of the duplicated transactions have already been returned by financial institutions.

Sources said the original plan was to make sure “if the remaining duplications were not returned by this past Wednesday, the Treasury's Bureau of Fiscal Service would begin to reverse the remaining transactions to complete the reimbursement."

Paul Kamus, a customer with Launch Federal Credit Union in Merritt Island, said the institution returned the funds to his account because the U.S. Treasury had not made the reverse deposit as of Friday afternoon.

Kamus said an estimated 50 customers at the credit union reported the duplicate charge in their accounts.

In his case, Kamus said the amount was $135.50 withdrawn twice.

A source said beneficiaries concerned with overdraft or other fees related to the issue should contact their bank and ask that the fees be waived. Beneficiaries may contact 1-800-MEDICARE if verification that the issue occurred is needed. 

“Additionally, Treasury has already begun outreach to financial institutions to notify them of this situation.”

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