Road rage incident caught on camera leads to arrest of Lake County man

Hector Acevedo has been charged with reckless driving

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – A road rage incident caught on dashcam led to the arrest of a Lake County man. 

The incident began when a driver in a white SUV began tailgating another driver.

The video shows the driver of the white SUV attempting to strike the victim's vehicle after attempting to pass the car.

The disturbing act happened Sept. 25 along U.S. 27 in broad daylight. For five minutes, the footage shows the SUV repeatedly threading across lanes, trying to block the path of the victim.

As time dragged on tension began to build. At one point, the driver of the SUV slammed on the brakes, forcing the victim to swerve into the median.

News 6 legal analyst Steven Kramer watched the dramatic dashcamera video in disbelief.

"That is compelling video that is crystal clear footage, and it is shocking video, frankly," Kramer said.

At one point, footage captures the driver of the SUV creating distance. Then out of nowhere the driver slammed the brakes, nearly causing the victim to crash.

The victim finally called 911 and walked the dispatcher through every moment.

Police later identified the erratic driver as 31-year-old Hector Acevedo and charged him with reckless driving. Kramer said the dashcam video was a game changer.

"This is a situation where, without that dashcam in all likelihood there would probably be no arrest or prosecution or even investigation, necessarily," Kramer said.

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