Ask Trooper Steve: Do you get a ticket for not having insurance with you?

Trooper Steve says drivers should take a screenshot of their car insurance

ORLANDO, Fla. – Mark from Sanford asked, “Do you get a ticket for not having insurance with you?”

News 6 traffic safety expert Steve Montiero’s answer:

We’ve answered this question before, you can receive a ticket for not having your insurance in the car with you.

You may recall there are several options when it comes to providing your vehicle insurance. Laws have caught up with modern technology and they allow you to display your vehicle insurance on your phone.

This can be done either by your car insurance application or through a screenshot of the vehicle insurance.

This must look like the official car insurance that they send you in the mail. You can be old fashion and have an actual copy kept inside your vehicle.

Just remember this must be displayed to the law enforcement officer upon demand.

This is not a time to download the application, forget your login or call your family to send you a picture of it.

If you’re given a traffic ticket for failure to provide proof of insurance, don’t worry everything‘s going to be ok.

You’ll have 30 days to provide proof of the insurance to the county clerk in the county where the ticket was written.

In return, the citation will be dismissed for $10 and you have nothing to worry about.

A simple way to avoid this is to set yourself reminders, actually print out a version of your car insurance and my favorite is simply just taking a screenshot and saving it in your favorites in your photo album on your phone.

There are so many excuses drivers provide for not having such a simple document.

But as responsible drivers there’s only one simple solution to this; if you’re responsible enough to drive a car, you should be responsible enough to have all the required documents.

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