The 26 perfect Mother’s Day gifts for the difficult mom to shop for

Mother's Day is coming! (Anastasia Shuraeva/Pexels)

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re feeling stumped about what to buy for your mom, or the mom-figure in your life, you’re in luck: We’re here with plenty of ideas.

Maybe your mom would love a new kitchen gadget. Or perhaps she’s more of a tech person or a jewelry fan. We have gift ideas to suit every type of mother.

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Cook healthier with this easy-to-use Paula Deen air fryer (Synergy)

This digital air fryer (Paula Deen 1700W Stainless Steel 10Qt Digital Air Fryer) - $159.99 (Reg. $299.99) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

For the past year or so, it feels like everyone has been talking about the air fryer. Slide over, Instant Pot, because this kitchen device is the new “must-have” item. We love this one in particular because it helps you whip up healthier, quick meals that are large enough to feed everyone around your dinner table.

Seriously: The 10-quart family size lets you cook big enough portions to feed five to 10 people. You can’t say that about all air fryers. Good stuff!

Enjoy the perfect bottle of wine with this automatic decanter (WonderMerch)

This wine decanter (Barolo Smart Wine Decanter) - $70.36 (Reg. $110) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Anyone who loves wine knows it already: A good wine decanter can make all the difference. If you have a woman in your life who you’re buying for this holiday, you should definitely consider this decanter. She’ll love it -- regardless of whether she’s a true wino or she just likes to host get-togethers every so often. Decanting, by the way, opens up a wine’s flavor and aroma profile. It’s best for old and bold wines. Traditional decanters can take hours to aerate the wine, but that’s not the case here. This modern decanter does the job in seconds. Just place it on your bottle, click a button and you will have a more aromatic wine almost instantly. You can even recharge it via USB, proving that we’re truly living in the future.

Running behind? Dinner is saved with this quick defrost tray. (Tech Zebra)

This defrost tray (Quick-Day Defrost Tray) - $24 (Reg. $79.99) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

If you know any new moms, or on-the-go busy moms, this is just the gift for them. It’s so practical.

Let’s say she forgets to get the meat out of the freezer and it’s already mid-afternoon by the time she realizes--a very relatable problem, right? Well, if she has this defrost tray on hand, it’s no longer an issue. This food-grade aluminum plate cuts the thawing time in half. Dinner is saved! You’re welcome.

Taste 18 bottles of wine from all around the world. (Wine on Sale)

This stellar wine collection (50% Off World Wine Tour Collection: 18 Bottles of Wine + Free Shipping) - $129.60 (Reg. $324) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Were you thinking about that decanter, but you wanted something a little more … special? This would do the trick! We’re talking 18 different international wines from vineyards across the world, from places such as Spain, Italy, Chile, Argentina, France, California and Australia. If she’s into reds, pick the all-red pack. Or vice versa if she’s more of a white-wine drinker. And if she loves it all, the mixed pack was made for her. Cheers!

Enjoy the perfect cup of morning coffee with the MILANO Stovetop Espresso Maker. (Grosche)

This espresso maker (MILANO Stovetop Espresso Maker) - $21.60 (Reg. $32) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Safe to say, coffee helps a lot of us through our days, but that statement is especially true for moms everywhere. If the woman in your life is known to jump-start her mornings with a cup of joe, you might want to upgrade that experience for her, and check out this stovetop espresso maker. This brewing method is said to extract more caffeine and flavors. So you’ll be helping to provide mom with better at-home coffee, and you’re saving her a trip to Starbucks. It’s a win-win for all.

Drink healthy smoothies and juices on the go with this portable juicer. (Kinkoo)

This portable juicer cup (Portable 10oz Juicer Cup) - $31.96 (Reg. $49) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Raise your hand if you have a health-conscious mom in your life. She’s going to adore this juicer cup -- we have a good feeling about it! Here’s the situation: It will serve you a cup of delicious juice in just 20 seconds, wherever you are, whenever you want. The cup blends fruits for a smooth and delicious taste. It even has a self-cleaning function. Awesome, right?

Jewelry, beauty, and personal care

Style your hair the way you want with this hair dryer and round brush combo (Adagio California)

This blowout brush (Adagio Blowout Brush) - $40 (Reg. $249) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

You know what’s incredibly fun and luxurious? Getting a blowout at a hair salon. You know what’s often expensive and hard to fit into an otherwise-packed schedule? Getting a blowout at a hair salon. And that’s where this brush comes into play. It leaves you with professional-looking hair, all from home. It’s easy to use, affordable and sleek. No matter what kind of hair your mom or wife has -- long, short, thick, fine, curly or straight, this brush delivers some serious results.

Dry without damaging hair with the Fenne Hair Dryer (Fenne)

This hair dryer (Fenne Hair Dryer) - $40 (Reg. $199) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

A quality blow-dryer can cost hundreds of dollars -- but it shouldn’t. Just like the item listed above, this will help the woman in your life achieve salon-quality results in no time at all. The dryer aims to work quickly, protect you from heat damage, and it even comes with two attachments; a concentrator for blowouts and a diffuser for taming natural curls. You now have SO many options when it comes to hair care gifts!

Keep your pearly whites white with this at-home kit (Bianco Smile)

This teeth-whitening kit (Bianco Smile Teeth Whitening Kit) - $27.96 (Reg. $79) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Here’s something that never goes out of style: Pearly white teeth. Dental treatments can be pricey and intimidating, but there’s nothing daunting about this at-home kit. Now, don’t get us wrong -- gifting someone an item like this might be strange, unless she’s mentioned wanting to do something about her teeth. (After all, wine and coffee can stain!) So if you think she’d be up for it, try this kit. She won’t experience tooth sensitivity, it takes less than 10 minutes to use and the company promises long-lasting results. What’s not to love?

Safely clean and sanitize personal jewelry with the GemSpa (GemSpa)

This jewelry sanitizing system (kathy ireland GemSpa Home Jewelry Sanitizing System) - $40 (Reg. $69) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

‘Tis the year for sanitizing everything -- but why shouldn’t that include our jewelry?

We cannot be the only people who have wondered how to best clean our rings and necklaces, so it seems like this product was made to answer that very question. If you’ve ever gotten your wedding ring cleaned at a jewelry store, this system promises the same results: Just as sparkly, just as new-looking, just as beautiful. Why not give it a shot?

Let positivity shine through with these beautiful bracelets featured as Oprah’s Favorite Things. (Maya J)

This bracelet (Empowered Bracelet by Maya J) - $18.40 (Reg. $38) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Want to feel empowered? Want to feel grateful? If you (or your giftee) need a reminder every so often to stay focused on the bigger picture, there’s no better gift than this cool bracelet. It’s intended to be worn and gifted to spread love, strength and positivity. Each bracelet features a bold word of inspiration to empower the strong woman inside. We just love that.

Detoxify and hydrate your skin with this facial steamer (Vanity Planet)

This facial steamer device (Aira Facial Steamer Beige + Bunny Ear Spa Headband) - $40 (Reg. $94) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

It’s one of those universally pleasing gifts like the blow-dryer or blowout brush: Who wouldn’t want great hair? Or similarly, who could say no to better skin? This steamer will help your mom detoxify and cleanse like the professionals, no matter her skin type. She can say goodbye to impurities and dead skin cells -- this aims to take care of all that.

Using BetterBack can help alleviate back pain and improve posture (BetterBack)

This posture-corrector (BetterBack™ Luxe Posture Support) - $40 (Reg. $59) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

So many of us talk about wanting better posture. But how many of us actually do something about it? Maybe this could help. This gift has been featured on “Shark Tank,” and its creators say you only have to wear it about 15 minutes a day to see improved posture and alleviate back pain. It was even made with NASA-engineered memory foam; how neat is that?

Soothe muscle aches with this percussion massager (Actigun)

This massager (Actigun: Percussion Massager) - $44 (Reg. $199) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Aches, pains, nagging feelings of physical discomfort -- we all go through bouts of this. Maybe the mom in your life is training for a marathon, or she’s just recently gotten into CrossFit, or maybe she’s just sore from hauling around a new baby. Whatever the reason, perhaps this massager could offer some relief. It’s equipped with an AI smart chip and adjusts to your muscle condition to give the strength you need. It’s pretty cool-sounding and might be just what she needs this Mother’s Day.

Everyday tech

Enjoy the spring and summer weather outdoors with this LED tiki torch speaker (Electronic Avenue)

This wireless, light-up Bluetooth speaker (Tiki Torch Bluetooth LED Light Up Speaker) - $39.99 (Reg. $99.95)

Does the mom in your life have a portable speaker? If not, you’re going to want to snag her one. It’s essentially the perfect gift. And if she owns one already, time to upgrade! Because this one is going to blow her device out of the water. Check it out: It looks just like a tiki torch. It lights up. It packs a rich stereo sound. And it’s powered by a rechargeable battery, giving you up to six hours of playtime and flickering lights. What more could she ask for?

Hold and charge your phone in place with just one-touch (OrigAudio)

This wireless car charger (GRAVITIS™ Wireless Car Charger) - $16 (Reg. $28) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Know anyone who’s constantly on the go? Or maybe even a little forgetful? (Hey, remembering where you last put your phone charger can be tough!) Here’s a cool gadget: It’s a cord-free, totally wireless car charger that keeps your phone in place while you’re driving and charging up. You put it in your vehicle’s air vent and you’re ready to roll. We have a feeling you could buy this for almost ANYONE in your life; it’s just that practical.

Keep your eyes focused on the road with the help HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display (HUDWAY)

This navigation display (HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display) - $49.95 (Reg. $59.95)

This is seriously futuristic. It’s essentially a solution that allows any head-up display, or HUD, app on any mobile device in your car to see the road ahead clearly. It produces a 20% larger image from your phone, letting you see navigation, your speedometer, or any other HUD app with a more crystal-clear picture -- which is intended to prevent your gaze from wandering while driving.

Track steps, get text alerts, and more with the ChronoWatch Multi-Function Smart Watch (ChronoWatch)

This smart watch (ChronoWatch Multi-Function Smart Watch) - $32 (Reg. $199) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Calling all smart watch moms! For just $40, you can buy (or buy for her) a device to help reach all the fitness goals -- or heck, even just get handy, instant notifications. It has 16 main functions including activity tracking, sleep monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, message and call notifications, an alarm and more. It’s even waterproof. This is perfect.

You don't need to break the bank to get rich sound (Naztech)

These earbuds (Xpods Pro True Wireless Earbuds + Charging Case) - $49.99 (Reg. $69.99) with promo code: XPOD20

Want to help her music and calls sound better than ever? These earbuds are just the thing -- and they even come with a charging case. You can’t beat the price, and regardless of how often she’s on her phone or listening to tunes, this product aims to please. The buds are easy to use, great for a variety of lifestyles and will make your mom’s life a whole lot easier. Once she starts using them, she’s going to forget what life was life beforehand.


Create a stress-free zone with this diffuser and essential oil set (Neva Tech)

This aromatherapy bundle (The Ultimate Aromatherapy Bundle) - $32 (Reg. $349)

If you’ve got a hippie mom or all-natural mama in your life, she’s going to go wild for this aromatherapy bundle, which includes an essential oil and diffuser duo. Check out everything she’s going to receive -- from the oils themselves to the equipment, this is everything she will need. This is most certainly going down as “best gift ever.”

Prevent from stubborn bed sheets from coming undone while you sleep with the Bed Scrunchie (Bed Scrunchie)

This Bed Scrunchie (Bed Scrunchie® 360° Fitted Sheet Tightener, Holder & Extender) - $28.76 (Reg. $59) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

The bedsheet problem is real. Whether the mom in your life is a new mother, an empty-nester, a working mom or a stay-at-home mother, who among us doesn’t grapple with this annoyance?

But we don’t have to let loose wrinkly sheets or mattress toppers ruin the day or night. With “The Bed Scrunchie,” as it’s called, you’ll find an all-in-one bed tightening system. It clips to the edges of your bed sheets or mattress topper and slides under your mattress effortlessly, without lifting, while providing a flawless hotel bed look and military corners.

“How is this possible?” You might be asking yourself. Check out the pictures -- it’s pretty neat! The organized mom will flip out, in the best way possible, of course.

Have the entire house vacuumed while you do more important things with this smart vacuum (Kyvol)

This vacuum (Kyvol Cybovac D3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner) - $112 (Reg. $179) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Cleaning: Some of us love it, but some of us hate it. It’s a necessary evil, but this vacuum looks like it’s here to make all of our lives a little bit easier. Check out the stats on this thing -- it cleans everything, even embedded dirt and stains, and it’s not too loud. You can set the vacuum up with an app, and basically tell it exactly what you want it to do. What mom wouldn’t appreciate this gadget for all the help?

Beat the summer heat with this personal air conditioner (Evachill)

This personal air-conditioner (EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner) - $64 (Reg. $269) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

If your core body temperature feels like it runs cold, you might consider getting a space heater to warm up your surroundings. And if you’re the opposite, and you always feel hot, then perhaps this personal air conditioner is just a gift for you. It’s easy to use, no heat is exhausted at all, and the company that makes the device says the natural evaporative cooling effect can drop the air temperature up to 59º in just 10 minutes, ensuring you can always keep your cool.

Fall asleep faster with the help of this weighted blanket (Buzio)

This weighted blanket (BUZIO Weighted Blanket) - $39.20 (Reg. $59) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Weighted blankets have been all the rage over the past few years. Have you jumped aboard this craze just yet? Perhaps your mom or wife would enjoy one. In case you haven’t heard the hype, this blanket simulates a hug, and is intended to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

(The gift of sleep: What every mom needs!) It’ll be a slam-dunk of a present.

Make packing for summer vacation easier with this carry on organizer (Electronic Avenue)

This baggage organizer (Carry On Closet Baggage Organizer) - $32 (Reg. $199) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Travel enthusiasts are likely planning that next big adventure, post-pandemic, since it’s been a strange past year or so with COVID-19. Why not lend her a hand with this baggage organizer? It will make packing and unpacking that much easier -- and it’s carry-on friendly. That checks ALL our boxes.

Get a better night's sleep with this cooling memory foam pillow (Yaasa Studios)

This memory-foam pillow (Yaasa Memory Foam Pillow) - $56 (Reg. $79) with promo code: WELOVEMOM

Does your mom sleep on her back? This will work. What about her side? This will work. Stomach? Back? Yes and yes. It’s designed to give your neck all the right support, so you get a better, deeper rest. The pillow also comes with ventilation for increased airflow and breathability -- and sports a luxury cover to add even more comfort. A gift that helps your mom or wife stay cozy? Exactly what the doctor ordered.

Prices subject to change. Promo code “WELOVEMOM” for a limited time. Review estimated delivery dates before ordering.