Learn to use Microsoft Excel for your accounting and finance needs with this $30 training

Learn from a CPA how to actually handle accounting and finance through Excel
Learn from a CPA how to actually handle accounting and finance through Excel (Vlada Karpovich/Pexels)

With 82% of jobs requiring Excel skills, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the program whether you’ve been in a job for a while or applying for new ones. That’s why hopping on to this Excel dual-course package in automation skills is a smart and self-sufficient idea. Now 95% off, scoop up these courses for only $29.99—you won’t need to make up a spreadsheet to see that this is a good deal.

If you are in an accounting or finance role or looking for one, impress your boss with the skills you learn from the Excel University: Excel Automation Skills for Accounting & Finance Course Bundle. Including Automation Tools Course 1: Power Query and Power Pivot and Automation Tools Course 2: Macros and VBA, you’ll get the skills you need to build reports and automate tasks that were usually manual—two time-consuming projects higher-ups would love to see you make efficient.

With over twenty hours of content that comes with lifetime access, you’ll be able to quickly go through the courses and then go back over sections where you needed some additional review. Each course is broken down into eight lessons for easily digestible coverage on useful things you should know how to do in Excel.

In Course 1, cover nine hours worth of report and graph building content. Practice by building a dashboard to monitor a case study business. Then, move on to Course 2 where you will learn to use the Visual Basic Editor for writing and editing Visual Basic for Applications Code. Learn theory and get real-world practice from both courses.

Valued at $636, you can’t go wrong spending just $29.99 to get access to this course material. Take advantage of this 95% off discount to build your automation skills in Excel and impress your boss or score a new job altogether.

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