Looking for a new job? Turn your resume into a professional website with this tool

Get your resume finally seen by hiring managers with this tool (Luke Southern/Unsplash)

As the world reopens and those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic angle for new positions, online resources for getting hired are more important than ever—especially résumé tools. Job seekers can now use SwiftCV to make a striking and useful resume on a personalized website for just $29.99—a savings of 90%.

SwiftCV is a website that lets users create a professional online presence without having to make their own site. Get a personalized link to host your resume online. Add your work history and portfolio examples or just import directly from LinkedIn. Password-protect information you’d like only hiring managers to access.

Anyone who has applied for a job lately knows that it’s not like the old days where you could drop a résumé off and ensure a job with a firm handshake. Now, all digital resumes are submitted through AI that parses it for particular phrases. SwiftCV builds in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) settings to make sure your website is loaded with the keywords you need to get spotted.

You get all the benefits of a personal website, without any of the trouble that comes with one. You won’t need to remember to renew a domain or figure out plug-ins to post your portfolio pieces. Instead, just add your information to the pre-made sections of the site and get ready to get hired.

Users are experiencing good things with SwiftCV, voting it the #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt. Trustpilot users have rated it 4.3/5 stars, while professional users come from a diverse array of impressive companies such as Google, PayPal, Netflix, and more.

Save yourself some hassle as you dive back into the job market when you find easy résumé website hosting with SwiftCV. Plus, you’ll save yourself some coin. This typically $299 product is available for 90% off right now, at just $29.99. If you’re returning to the job market, bring your A-game with quality résumé options provided by SwiftCV.

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