Vandals cause 'significant' damage to DeLand High School

Some classrooms unusable, Volusia Schools spokeswoman says

DeLAND, Fla. – More than 200 students at DeLand High School had to have class in the gym on Wednesday because their regular classrooms, along with other parts of the building were trashed by vandals.

Spokesperson Nancy Wait said the vandals caused a big mess, shattering windows, throwing around food in the cafeteria, and destroying equipment in the computer labs.

"We are very upset about it because a lot of the equipment that was in those computer rooms was brand new equipment -- very expensive equipment. We think when the final dollar figure comes in on this damage, it's going to be significant," said Wait.

She said the school hasn't received any threats recently and they do have surveillance cameras. However, it's unclear whether they show any of the suspects. She said they're also checking to see if anything was actually stolen. So far, they found that a couple of the fake guns used by the ROTC program are missing.

A recorded message was sent out to parents letting them know what happened. Brandee Millon said she was surprised when she first heard about the situation, and hopes police catch whoever did this.

"It's a sad commentary on society that they feel they have to do something so destructive and so irresponsible," she said.

If anyone out there knows anything about this crime, please call the DeLand Police Department.

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