Metal detectors may be used on Orange County students at any time

Extra safety measures to be executed district-wide

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Students across many Central Florida school districts are gearing up for their first day back to school Monday morning, and heading back comes with many new safety changes.

The Orange County Sheriff’s deputies said all schools in the county will be covered as far as safety, and in some cases, that could mean some deputies working overtime.

All of the changes come after a new statewide mandate to address safety following the Parkland High school tragedy in South Florida.

Cherie Bradshaw has three kids in the Orange County Public Schools district. She told News 6 she's happy to know of changes being made at her kids' school. 

"Definitely, the deputies in the schools watching everything that’s going on, and making sure they’re just on everybody," Bradshaw said.

News 6 found out Orange County schools are adding more school resource officers this year, and even adding fencing and card readers at the front doors.

"You will see these the first day of school," said Orange County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Barbara Jenkins.

On Friday, Orange County school leaders held a press conference to announce that, beginning this year, they’ll be using metal detector wands for random checks on students.

“Every day, any day, through the day, all day, our students can be checked and can be wanded," Jenkins said.

Students will also see some resource officers dressed in protective gear, with an active shooter kit and a rifle.  

School leaders in Orange County are asking parents to be role models on social media and remind their kids that any social media threat can lead to trouble.

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