Church donates Easter offerings to pay student debt at Rockledge schools

High school students in danger of not graduating without help from church

ROCKLEDGE, Fla. – Anyone who ever needed help getting their next meal on the table can appreciate the generosity of the Brad Fink, a pastor with Cross Bridge Church.

"We have given away 100 percent of our Easter offering," Fink said.

Cross Bridge Church officials said they were astonished to learn there were students at Rockledge High School with thousands of dollars in unpaid lunches and that the debt would prevent some students from receiving their diplomas on graduation day.

"What shocked us was that Rockledge High was over $3,000 just for their seniors and the seniors couldn't get a diploma until that debt was paid off," Fink said.

This Easter was the first time the church gave its holiday offering to schools.

The money was presented to four elementary schools, two middle schools and Rockledge High School.
Fink said it was all the idea of the church's family ministries pastor, Joey Bocook.

"It shows you there's some financial need, a lot of people who are struggling, a lot of people who are having a hard time," Fink said.

Church officials said an emotional cafeteria worker called and thanked them.

"She said, 'You know, we love these kids. We are never not going to feed a kid, but the resources just aren't always there,'" Fink said.

The pastor said Cross Bridge Church gives away a percentage of its donations every Sunday. It's Easter Sunday when it gives away it all. The pastor said it will continue this tradition of giving next year.

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