Proposed ‘single earbud' safety policy will keep Volusia County students alert

Volusia County School District considering adding safety policies for next year

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – As the school year is winding down, Volusia County school district leaders are taking a look at changes to improve security for students in the fall, including one proposed change that will help students be more aware of their surroundings on campus.

On Tuesday, the school board will hold a workshop to talk about secure access to schools.
One of the first items for discussion surrounds backpacks and if there should be rules in place about whether they can be on campus.

Currently, backpacks are not allowed at stadium events, but there is no district-wide policy when it comes bags during the school day.

"Some (counties) do not allow backpacks at all. Some require clear backpacks. So, that will be presented to our school board members and they'll decide if they want to change this and have a policy next year," Director of Communications Kelly Schulz said.

Board members also plan to discuss electronic device use and whether there should be a "single earbud" policy.  The plan would mean that students need to have one ear free from a headphone while in the cafeteria, hallways and other communal areas on campus.

"If they can hear what's going on around them, they can hear if there's an alert, if there's some sort of issue or the bell to get to class," Schulz said.

The final item up for debate surrounds school IDs.

If the board thinks a change needs to be made, all middle and high school students could be required to wear an ID badge whenever they are on campus.

"It's just a nice way to keep track of who's on campus and make sure everyone is safe," Schulz said.
The school board is scheduled to discuss the security topics during a workshop on Tuesday at 3:30 p.m.

If any changes are decided, they would be voted on at a later date, according to the district.

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