5 places you have to see while visiting Havana, Cuba

New cruise offers trip from Central Florida to Cuba


HAVANA – As regularly scheduled cruises from Port Canaveral to Cuba get underway for the summer, anyone planning to visit the country should be aware of its must-see spots.

The four-night Norwegian Sun cruise offers plenty of time to enjoy some of the best places Havana has to offer, along with the chance to soak up much of Cuba’s rich history.

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Below is a list of five must-see places for anyone planning to venture over to Havana.

1.    Old Havana
According to Travel.USNews.com, skipping out on Old Havana during your visit to the city is like going to Paris and choosing not to see the Eiffel Tower. Who does that?
Old Havana is a colorful spot that offers a look at the interesting architecture that has been around since the neighborhood was once a port town owned by the Spanish. In the old neighborhood, which is commonly known as the tourist part of town, visitors can sample some restaurants, do some shopping and enjoy themselves with a variety of entertainment. Don’t forget to take a ride in an old-fashioned car.


2.    Partagas Cigar Factory
Many people who visit Cuba plan to try an authentic Cuban cigar while they’re there, but it could be even more of a treat to learn how to roll your own.
At the Partagas Cigar Factory in Havana, guests can see the process of making cigars from start to finish, according to reviews posted on TripAdvisor.com. The attraction, which has a four-star rating on the website, offers an inside look at the cigar industry in Cuba that is sure to be interesting. It also makes for a cheap way to stay busy, as it only costs $10 to tour.

3.    Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana
The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de La Habana, or the Museum of Fine Arts in Havana, is home to the largest collection of art in the country, according to Travel.USNews.com. The museum is split into two buildings: Palacio de Bellas Artesone which hosts Cuban history-telling art and the Centro Asturiano, which offers a look at countries all over the world. Be sure to soak it all in while you’re there, since the state-owned museum does not allow anyone to take pictures during their $8 visit.


4.    Tropicana
The well-known nightclub, which has a five-star rating on TripAdvisor.com, seems to be enjoyed by those who visit. Attendees can enjoy some of what Cuba’s nightlife has to offer during a bright and colorful show. According to a post on the website, guests can enjoy hours of dancing, singing and acrobatics while they relax and enjoy a drink — if they choose to, of course. Other comments called a visit to the nightclub “a dream night” and said it was “everything you want and more.”

5.    Playas del Este
When you’ve worn yourself out while hitting the other tourist stops Havana has to offer, take some time to enjoy a break along Playes del Este. The beautiful set of beaches, which is located about 11 miles east of Havana, is a five-mile stretch of shoreline where visitors can choose which kind of atmosphere they want to be emerged in, according to Travel.USNews.com. Along the stretch, quiet, more relaxing beaches can be found for anyone looking to lay back and enjoy the peaceful turquoise water. Some of those beaches could cost a small fee. Anyone looking to visit a more upbeat beach that other tourists tend to frequent can find one of that sort along the same shoreline. Those tend to be free, according to the website.

Cuba has much to offer and the list above is just a taste of the country’s colorful history that cruise passengers and other visitors should explore.

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