Burned your bird? Here’s how to save your Thanksgiving turkey

Rule No. 1: Don’t panic


This year if your biggest Thanksgiving nightmare comes true and you burned the turkey. What do you do?

No. 1. Don’t fret. Not all is lost.

There are ways you can salvage the bird, according to Southern Living.

The first thing you need to do is evaluate the situation and see how bad it really is.

Take the turkey out of the oven and see how much of it is burned. It may be as simple as just removing the burnt skin, covering the turkey in aluminum foil and sticking it back in the oven.

Dark meat takes longer to cook than white meat, so parts of the turkey could still be OK to eat if you find that the breasts are burned, according to Southern Living.

Don’t put the burned bird on the table. Be sure you carve in privacy and only display the prettiest parts you’ve salvaged. According to Southern Living, go ahead and load up on the garnishes like fresh herbs, sliced citrus, curly kale leaves or whole nuts to fill up the platter.

Now is also a good time to grab the gravy as it can cover up any mistakes.

And if this really does happen, don’t panic, but be prepared as your family and friends might not ever forget it.

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