Mattel replaces red, blue cards in new UNO Nonpartisan deck

‘No politics allowed’ card added

UNO Nonpartisan (Credit: Mattel)

UNO isn’t picking sides and it doesn’t want your family too, either.

Mattel Games has introduced a new game called UNO Nonpartisan, which features slight variations from the original.

A study by YouGov found that 40% of people admit that opposite political views and voting patterns are problematic within families.

UNO wants families to take a break from political discussions when playing the game.

The biggest difference from the original UNO is all red and blue cards have been removed so there’s “no taking sides.” The colors have been replaced by orange and purple.

UNO Nonpartisan (Credit: Mattel)

There’s also a new veto card that can be played to force political talk to stop and keep the focus on fun. If played, the card skips that player’s turn and makes them change the subject.

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UNO Nonpartisan (Credit: Mattel)

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