Here’s why there’s a giant poop emoji at Lake Eola

#LetThat💩Go Tour traveling to Orlando, 21 other US cities

Giant poop at Lake Eola (Credit: @orlandobungalower/Instagram)
Giant poop at Lake Eola (Credit: @orlandobungalower/Instagram) (WKMG)

Orlando, Fla. – A beautiful lake, a flowing fountain, gliding swans and a giant pile of poop is what you’ll see this weekend at Lake Eola.

Poo-pourri is installing its 30-foot inflatable Giant Poo on Friday in downtown Orlando to promote its before-you-go toilet spray.

The #LetThat💩Go Tour" offers a “transformative, immersive 360-degree experience that pushes out that bad (stuff), makes room for the good (stuff) and leaves you feeling (good),” according to the company’s news release.

Giant poop lands at Lake Eola
Giant poop lands at Lake Eola (WKMG)

The experience, which allows users to go inside the giant poop emoji, is free and open to the public from Friday to Sunday.

The Giant Poo launched in October 2019 and will travel to more than 22 cities across the U.S., including New York, Boston, Chicago, Miami and Dallas.

To learn more about the initiative, visit giantpoo.com.

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