Orlando ranked best place to say ‘I do,’ study shows

City Beautiful scores No. 1 spot ahead of Las Vegas, Atlanta and Miami

ORLANDO, Fla. – If you’re planning for your nuptials or where to strut down the aisle, look no further than the City Beautiful.

Orlando was just ranked the No. 1 city to get married, even beating out Las Vegas.

Personal finance website WalletHub released its 2020 Best Places to Get Married list Wednesday. They crunched the numbers and based on key factors like affordability, facility options and activities in the area, Orlando has some other cities beat.

Where Orlando rules over every other city is in the event planning department. According to WalletHub’s data, there are more event planners per capita than any other city meaning you can likely find someone to plan your special day or help decorate for it at an affordable cost.

Orlando also ranks as a top city for most flower shops per capita and has bridal shops on just about every corner providing plenty of options for a bride-to-be.

Then there are the other meticulous parts of planning: where people can stay, who DJ or play music, and of course who will capture the special moment. Apparently, Orlando ranks high on those lists too.

The City Beautiful is the No. 1 city to find a videographer or photographer and since it is a touristy town there are plenty of hotel options in the area. It also lands in the top five cities when trying to find a musician or DJ.

Your wedding guests can’t get bored either with so many activities and sites to see. This is what helps bump Orlando above El Paso, Atlanta and even Miami.

Use the map below to see where other cities rank or check out the full list here.

Source: WalletHub