Group creates Tinder profiles for Central Florida dogs up for adoption

Orlando club for dog moms teams up with animal rescues to help dogs find their forever homes

Tinder profile shows dogs up for adoption.
Tinder profile shows dogs up for adoption. (WKMG)

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando group has created Tinder profiles for dogs up for adoption.

People interested in getting a pet can swipe right on Central Florida dogs looking for a new family. It’s all through a partnership with the Orlando Dog Mom Club, METTA Rescue Family, and Happy Trails Animal Rescue.

In order to make sure the profile isn’t marked as spam on Tinder, the rescues needed a little help. In a photo shoot, models posed in pictures with them for their profile. The group’s goal is to get Tinder users to swipe right, and take a look at the profiles.

The profiles explain how users can adopt the dogs.

“We heard about a similar campaign done in New York a while ago where a shelter placed their pups on Tinder, so we wanted to build on the idea with a full-on photoshoot... We wanted to surprise people on Tinder when they realized they are actually matching with a cute puppy who needs a home,” Myriam Gutstein founder of The Orlando Dog Mom Club said.

Models pose with dogs for their tinder profile pictures.
Models pose with dogs for their tinder profile pictures. (https://orlandodog.mom/)

This new campaign may be on to something, because a recent OnePoll survey of 2,000 Americans found that 39% said they swiped right on a profile, because of a dog picture. They even admitted they did it because they wanted to meet the dog more than the actual person.

In order to maximize the exposure, 40 models posed with 27 dogs, meaning there were several different models posing in profile pictures with the same dog.

Gutstein says so far they’re in the beginning stages of the launch, but profiles are already getting attention and she’s sure the rescue dogs will have new homes in no time.

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