Top 20 money-saving tips for stay-at-home moms and dads

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Look at this cute little family.
Look at this cute little family. (J carter/Pexels stock image)

Have you ever seen this quote floating around the internet? “Impossible only means you haven’t found the solution yet.”

How true it is. When you search hard enough for a solution, the solution sometimes will create itself.

But, let's face it, life isn't magic. In fact, sometimes it's all too real; real challenges, real struggles and real bills. With all of the reality you face every day as a stay-at-home parent, why not welcome a bit of magical advice into your life from stay-at-home parents just like you?

Here are some money-saving tips we thought you might find useful:

1. Comparison shop everything to get the best deals - homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, prescription drug prices, groceries, customer rewards programs and credit card rewards. Comparison shopping will definitely save you money.

2. Use rewards points before they expire. Diligence pays off when claiming rewards, but tracking points can be overwhelming. AwardWallet is a site offering a free online service -- and it will track points from more than 700 loyalty programs. It’ll even tell you which credit cards offer the best rewards.

3. Save on prescription medications by swapping out name brands for generic brands. When purchasing over-the-counter medications, opt for store brands if there's a noticeable price difference. Ask your pharmacist how generic brands measure up before making a final decision to swap.