Dwight from ‘The Office’ hosting a Zoom call with pets

Pets don’t have to be hidden or in the background for this call!

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Have you had a Zoom meeting recently that was interrupted by dogs barking in the background or a cat jumping on your laptop, demanding your undivided attention?

Well, on Thursday, you can have a chance to get in on a Zoom meeting in which pets are actually encouraged to join -- not be hidden in the background or behind closed doors.

From 2 to 2:30 p.m. Eastern time Thursday, actor Rainn Wilson, in collaboration with Freshpet, is hosting a Zoom meeting with pets, where pet owners and their loved ones around the country can socialize together.

You probably know this, but Wilson is best known for playing Dwight on the classic comedy, “The Office.”

The public is invited to the Zoom call, but participants must register here.

Wilson is planning to be online with his pitfalls and potbelly pigs.

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Participants are encouraged to bring any or all pet companions they have.

For once, you won’t have to try and silence or hide your pet on Zoom!

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