The key to a really great at-home haircut? Keeping your clippers clean

Style Wise style editor shows how an at-home haircut can go wrong. (Style Wise.)

Sure, knowing how to properly shave the sides of your head will make for a great haircut, but if those clippers aren’t clean and functioning properly, you can kiss that perfect haircut goodbye.

StyleWise style editor Jon Jordan’s sister recently told him she used dog clippers that were from the ’60s -- and it all worked out just fine. While Jordan doesn’t recommend using dog clippers on a human, the fact that the clippers still worked is a miracle.

This is more about how to maintain any set of clippers so that they will last decades upon decades.

Keeping the clippers in a safe spot with no damage is essential to longevity, but making sure the clippers stay nice and clean over the years is going to ensure that you’ve got them for a while.

Taking a brush to clean the teeth of the clippers is a must, as well as opening the head of them and making sure any debris and stray hairs are clean, so they can work properly.

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