Calling all business owners: How have you been affected by COVID-19?

Please share, if you’re so willing

Is working from home working out for your company? (fauxels/Pexels stock image)

Did you ever assume 2020 would go like this?

We don’t need to remind you all the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. But we do want to hear from you, business leaders and owners, if you’re so willing to share.

What are the specific ways you’ve been affected?

No company is too big or small -- even if you just have a little Etsy shop, but you sew and you’ve been struggling to keep up with demand for masks and other face coverings -- we’d love to hear that side of it, as well.

Having a hard time keeping employees on the payroll? How are your profits? Are you worried about the longterm? Did you just get off the ground? Do you have access, if you need it, to PPE? Is your community coming together to order takeout in droves, or has business been flat ever since February or so?

If you’re comfortable providing some details, we’d love to hear them, and possibly feature you in a future news story. And if you’re not interested in that, but you’d still like to unload, please. We welcome all submissions.