13 ways to spice up Halloween if your family decides to stay home

Staying home doesn’t have to be boring

Generic image of candlelit pumpkins on Halloween. (Pixabay)

Halloween is quickly approaching, and the coronavirus pandemic is still prevalent around the U.S.

Families now have to decide whether they want to participate in the spooky holiday events like trick-or-treating or if they opt for a more low-key occasion at home.

No matter what you choose, there’s a lot of fun to be had.

Here are 13 different ways you can have fun on Halloween if you choose to not go door-to-door to collecting candy with your children.

Virtual costume contest: Figure out a costume for each member of your family, then send out zoom invites to other friends and family members that are dressing up as well and have a virtual costume contest. You could even give out fun prizes.

Paint or carve pumpkins: Save some of your pumpkin decorating for Halloween night. You can either break out the carving kit or use paint to transform your pumpkins into cool creations.

Watch movies: Halloween wouldn’t be complete with a spooky movie. There are plenty of family-friendly or scary movies streaming online for your family to enjoy.

Make fun Halloween treats: Sweeten things up by making fun Halloween treats. From decorated cookies to jelly cups with eyeballs and spiderwebs made out of pretzels, your options are nearly endless. Need inspiration? Pinterest has you covered.

Glow in the dark egg hunt: Channel your Easter ideas and get glow in the dark eggs. Fill them up with your child’s favorite candy and hide them around your yard. Now you have the perfect nighttime candy hunt right in your own backyard.

Halloween pinata: Take a lesson from birthday parties and buy a Halloween themed pinata. Once it’s filled with delectable treats, give your kids a good spin and let them whack their way to candy fun.

Check out local Halloween decorations: With us having much more time at home lately, it seems families are doing a bit more decorating for Halloween. Take a drive around your neighborhood to see which house has the best décor. Just be sure to drive slow and watch out for trick-or-treaters. To find homes near you, the Nextdoor App wants to help.

Virtual escape rooms: If you’ve ever done a live escape room, you know how much fun they are. Well, because of the pandemic there are now virtual escape rooms. Halloween night sounds like a great way to give one a try.

Learn a Halloween dance: Get your family together and put your coordination to the test by trying to learn a Halloween dance. News 6 meteorologist Candace Campos' daughter Alessia is already practicing her Thriller moves.

What is your go-to Halloween Jam? 🎃 #Thriller

Posted by Candace Campos News 6 on Thursday, October 1, 2020

Camp out under the blue moon: What a perfect night for a campout, because Halloween will be spookier than usual this year as the sky, will be lit by a Blue Moon, the second full moon in that month. And if camping out is a bit much for your family, find a way to head outside, make some s’mores by a fire pit and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Scavenger hunt: All you need to do is gather some extra candy or collect some spooky Halloween decorations from the Dollar Store and then hid them around your house. Give your kids a print out of everything that’s hidden and then see how many they can find.

Photobooth fun: Since you’re already dressed up for the occasion because of your virtual costume contest, find an area of your home that you can turn into a fun photo booth. Grab some Halloween décor and let loose in front of the camera.

Make spooky looking food: You’re bound to get hungry while having this much fun and your children can just function on candy all night, so why not have a little fun and turn normal food into spooky-looking treats. They might look disgusting but taste delicious.