‘Nerdy chic:’ Luxury designer puts heel on comfy Crocs

Shoe could sell for $1,000, celebrity stylist says

(Credit: Balenciaga)
(Credit: Balenciaga)

A luxury designer is putting high heels on a beloved comfort shoe, but the internet is walking all over the idea.

What do you get when you combine the comfort of Crocs with the agony of heels? Hail the latest hybrid from high-end designer Balenciaga.

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“It’s all about nerdy chic designers love to take the ugly and make it beautiful,” celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch said.

Balenciaga unveiled its latest collaboration with Crocs at the designer’s Spring 2022 fashion show.

At the show, you really couldn’t see the Croc heels hidden underneath extra, extra long pants. They also showed some Croc-inspired rain boots that were a lot more utilitarian.

But the Croc heels walked into a Twitter firestorm with different tweets saying things like, “It’s a huge no from me!” “These shoes are insulting,” “The heels? Rot in hell.”

Nevertheless, Block says, “I’ve already had clients call me saying ‘Oh my gosh, did you see those Croc heels? Those are amazing. Can we get those?’ I’m already on it.”

Bloch expects the shoes to sell for around $1,000.

Fashionistas defended the Croc heels while non-fashionistas were perplexed, adding, “These seem to defeat the purpose of both Crocs and high heels in one fell swoop.”

The last time Balenciaga collaborated with Crocs they sold a platform shoe for $850.

At least one social influencer has already tried a DIY version of the high heeled Croc. Maddison Bush glued a heel on a pair of Crocs just for kicks.

Please don’t shed any crocodile tears for the insults being showered on high heeled Crocs.

“Fashion is about a double take. you want people to look and look again,” Bloch said.