These videos show just how shocking the flooding in NYC really is

Cars became submerged on roadways due to the intense rain New York City received Wednesday evening. (Credit: Robyn Shepherd via Storyful.)

Hurricane Ida may not pack the strong winds it once had when it hit Louisiana, but it’s still dumping an insane amount of rain in its path, including on New York City.

Not long after the rain hit New York City, flooding began happening at a level that has never been seen before in the city.

Basements soon became flooded and cars got submerged in the streets.

As of Thursday morning, eight people were reported dead from the flooding in New York City, and one person died in New Jersey.

You can take a look at some of the videos of the flooding that have surfaced on social media overnight.

This flooding happened at Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn. Soon after the flooding started, Mayor Bill de Blasio issued a state of emergency for the city. In the video, cars are almost fully submerged as people try to walk through the heavy flooding.

Credit: @BushwickLife via Storyful

The subway stations all throughout New York City had a crazy amount of flooding. Besides water coming down the stairs of subway stations, the platforms were flooded with subway trains passing through waterfalls of water.

Credit: Paul Warner via Storyful.

Streets and highways basically became rivers because the flooding was so bad.

Credit: Robyn Shepherd via Storyful.

Even folks who lived on upper levels of apartment buildings still had to deal with flooding. This person’s apartment building had floodwaters running down flights of stairs.

Credit: @FurmetalAlchemy via Storyful.

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