Take a stab at a new card game from the minds behind Halloween Horror Nights

News 6 speaks with one of creators of all-new card game

News 6 producer Landon McReynolds speaks with 'Oh the Horror' card game co-creator Patrick Braillard

ORLANDO, Fla. – Horror fans, are you looking for a bloody fun way to kill some time with friends this Halloween?

Look beyond the cemetery for the all-new adult card game, “Oh, The Horror.”

The game was just released to audiences around the world after horror fans showed incredible support on Kickstarter last December.

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The game was brought to life by three of the former masterminds behind Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights.

Creator Patrick Braillard was one of them.

In an interview with News 6, Braillard said following the layoffs in early 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, his former co-worker, Nate Stevenson asked him about making the game.

Oh, the Horror card game (Oh, the Horror)

“He approached me and he was like, ‘hey, what about a horror centric, horror comedy card game?’ and literally within 20 minutes, we not only had the title of the game, but we were already spitballing things that we could do inside the game and characters that we can bring in and build, because we had that creative shorthand from years of working with one another.”


With a little bit of brainstorming, Braillard, Stevenson and game illustrator Jacob McAlister took a stab at making this game a reality.

The game, which is for those 18 and older, is set up with three decks that include: 100 killer cards, 100 victim cards and 200 method of death cards.

“It’s a party game where each person takes turns being the Death Dealer,” Braillard explained. “They’ll (the death dealer) pull a killer and the victim, and then everyone in the table has to throw in their favorite method of death on how to finish that three card horror short story.”

The Death Dealer will then read the card aloud before choosing the best homicidal outcome.

Whoever’s card is selected -- wins that “body” for the round.

The person with the highest “death count” wins the game.

To make the game a little different from other card games, the creators brought in elements called plot twists, which will mess with not only the death dealer, but also all of the players around.

“We have ‘guardian angels’ which will help steal rounds. We have a card called ‘death itself’, where everybody must pull a card at random and play it because death chooses for itself. So there’s, there’s a multitude of ways for people to be able to play, and with the amount of cards within the deck we think that there’s a strong enough chance that there’s almost an unlimited amount of play,” Braillard said.

(Oh, the Horror)

Pre-orders for the game began earlier this year.

Those who ordered during the Kickstarter campaign were provided with an expansion pack called “Oh, The Folklore,” which put fairytale killer and victim characters into the game.

Braillard said the creators hope to release even more expansion packs in the future, and one day, have an app for people to play digitally.

“We would love nothing more for people to be standing in line for a haunt and playing with their friends as they’re as they’re standing there waiting to go in,” Braillard said.

The game is currently available to buy online for $35.

Click here to buy and to learn more.

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