WATCH: Make Ends Meet special report

News 6 investigator Mike Holfeld explores lingering fallout from Florida unemployment issues

ORLANDO, Fla. – For nearly two years, News 6′s Make Ends Meet program has spotlighted the personal and financial impacts brought on by the global pandemic.

The series, launched by investigative reporter Mike Holfeld, came to life in March 2020 after an unprecedented surge in jobless claims overwhelmed the state’s unemployment system. Week after week, people waited for checks that never came and turned to News 6 to help get results.

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Since starting Make Ends Meet, Holfeld has worked to bridge the gaps and make the connection between state services and the people -- recovering an estimated $2 million in benefits to families across the state. Through those stories, Holfeld also uncovered new threats to the system, including pandemic fraud.

Join News 6 for a look back at some of the families who struggled to make ends meet and look ahead to the steps underway to improve the system. Hear from the Secret Service, the Department of Economic Opportunity, local lawmakers and the people impacted by watching the Make Ends Meet special report in the video above this story.

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