How to support women this International Women’s Day

Simple ways you can make a difference in the fight for gender equality this #IWD

International Women's Day (

International Women’s Day has been celebrated since the early 1900s and now falls on March 8 each year.

It’s a day that a day that recognizes and upholds the achievements of women around the world, as well as promotes gender equality. Here’s a little bit about how the day got started.

Each year, there’s a new theme and for 2022, the theme is #BreaktheBias. says it’s an important theme because bias is a big reason women may have difficulty achieving equality. It’s not just about being aware of bias, action is also necessary in order to promote change. The website says it offers resources. a database of events, and other materials to help educate on the effort and improve equality for women.

But there are simple things you can do to show your support for gender equality on this #IWD or every day. Anyone can support-- it’s not limited to women or any specific group.

1. Celebrate the achievements of women

#IWD happens to fall within Women’s History Month, where many are already recognizing and honoring all the accomplishments of women. So this one is pretty easy. Share your favorite story about a strong woman with a friend, research a new one.

2. Wear the #IWD colors

Purple, green and white are the official colors of the effort. Purple signifies justice, green symbolizes hope and white symbolizes purity

3. Fundraise for female-focused charities

There are many charities which help empower and aid women. Here’s a few: Equality Now, Nomi Network, Dress for Success, Womankind Worldwide, Catalyst and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. These charities support efforts from everything from equal rights, combatting human trafficking, helping women finding employment and more.

Locally, in Central Florida, some charities that work largely with women are Harbor House, One Heart for Women and Children, 100 Women Strong and Women’s Resource Center.

4. Inspire the next generation

There are plenty of opportunities to teach children about strong women. In fact, everything from events in the community to books geared toward children, whatever their interests are, there’s a story for them. Click here to find some inspiration.

5. Become a mentor to a local teen

Many local teens can benefit from the influence of having a strong successful woman in their life. Give back to the community and make an impact in a girl’s life by helping to mentor her and show her what her potential is.

Some local organizations that can connect you with a teen to mentor are: Florida Youth Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Embrace Families, Crown to Crown, and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

6. Celebrate an important woman in your life

Not only are there amazing women breaking barriers for others in the community, across the country and the globe, but many of us have women in our lives that are our own personal heroes. Let a woman who has made a difference in your life know how special she is and what an impact she has made on you. Send a card or make a donation to a woman’s charity in her honor.

7. Strike a pose

Show your solidarity and intent on being sure to #BreaktheBias. Post on social media with the pose below to show your support. You can even submit your photo to the IWD website here.

#BreaktheBias, International Women's Day (

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