Check out this ultimate experience for fans of ‘The Office’

Dunder Mifflin Sign (Sydney Nash, Graham Media Group 2022)

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Dunder Mifflin has become one of the most well-loved workplaces in television history.

If you are not aware of the place I am talking about, I recommend you watch the last nine seasons of “The Office” on Peacock.

It is a place where bosses cross the boundaries of friendship and professionalism, employees start fires for “safety purposes,” and the warehouse becomes a basketball court. I had a chance to take a peek for myself.

Sydney Nash in front of the Scranton, PA sign. (Graham Media Group 2022)

With interactive props from the set and iconic clips from your favorite episodes playing throughout the set, “The Office Experience” gives you a chance to get a glimpse of the lives of Michael, Pam, Dwight, and many of the other beloved characters from the show.

The pop up experience is located on 540 N. Michigan Ave. in Chicago. If you are a fan of the show, you will feel right at home the moment you step foot in the building. When I walked in, I went up an escalator, and as I went up, I saw a wall full of some of my favorite “that’s what she said” quotes from Michael Scott.

That's What She Said Wall (Graham Media Group 2022)

Once you enter the city of Scranton, Pennsylvania, a team member will then take your picture and provide you with an employee badge, labeled “Assistant to the Regional Manager.”

Throughout the re-creation of the set, you will be able to truly experience the lifestyles of the characters. You will be given the chance to sit at their desks, witness the pranks between Dwight and Jim, catch a glimpse of Kevin’s spilled chili, and even walk down the aisle of the chapel at Jim and Pam’s wedding. The creators of this cool, interactive experience truly did a fantastic job of bringing fans’ favorite moments from the screen to reality.

Stapler encased in Jell-O (Graham Media Group 2022)
Kevin's Spilled Chili (Graham Media Group 2022)

As I entered Dunder Mifflin, I felt a sort of nostalgic feeling, as if I had been working there my whole life. The creators included so many details from the show that insert you into the fictional world of “The Office,” such as: the reams of Dunder Mifflin paper, the “World’s Best Boss” mug in Michael’s office, Dwight’s desk items in the vending machine, and even “Sprinkles” in the freezer.

Their last day of operation will be March 27, so buy your tickets here.

For their hours of operation, click here. If you want more information on “The Office Experience,” go to the website.

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