Think McDonald’s Coke tastes better? You’re right, and here’s why

Nothing is better than a cold McDonald’s Coke

A drink from McDonald's. (Getty Images)

What you’re tasting isn’t a lie.

We all hear about McDonald’s Coke tasting better, and for those of us who have had it, we know it’s different than other places.

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According to the New York Times, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have a longstanding relationship that has helped both companies grow into the global icons the two are today.

And with that relationship, delivery and production of Coke to McDonald’s locations are different than other restaurants. Coke syrup is usually delivered in plastic bags to restaurants, but it is delivered to McDonald’s establishments in stainless steel tanks “that ensure its freshness,” the New York Times reported.

The syrup is then pre-chilled, along with water, before going into the soda fountain, according to Reader’s Digest. This process helps keep the liquid chilled and boosts the carbonation.

Reader’s Digest said as soda warms up, CO2 wants to escape faster and because the soda is kept cooler for longer, it keeps the carbonation.

And all those elements help make the product better.

Taste buds don’t lie!

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