Thrift store manager getting results at 90

Helen Jones greets every customer with a warm smile and a desire to help

ORLANDO, Fla. – Helen Jones, manager of A Unique Boutique thrift store at The Christian Service Center For Central Florida, is this week's Getting Results Award winner. 

Walk into A Unique Boutique and you'll likely be greeted by Jones' smile and her welcoming voice. She's quick to tell you she loves working in retail and couldn't imagine stepping away from the position she's held for 30 years.  

Jones, who just turned 90, takes great pride in running the store single handedly. 

"From the time I come in in the morning, I start straightening. I like everything straight and everything on hangars," she said.

At just under 5 feet tall, she darts from one display rack to another looking for empty hangars and calling out the name brands she thinks will sell fast.

"I put all the new items in this area," she said, pointing to a row of ladies suits. "As soon as a customer comes in, I direct them here."

Jones was nominated for the award by Christian Service Center executive director Robert Stuart and director of development and communications Bryan Hampton.

"Helen has it under control," Stuart said. "She gets results for us every day, helping us to maintain this store, helping us raise money so that we can have staff to be able to give away items."

A Unique Boutique is one of three thrift stores on the center's property. The other two offer free and discounted items to the area's less fortunate.

The Christian Service Center has been in Central Florida since 1971 with a mission to prevent homelessness, combat poverty and cultivate self sufficiency. 

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