Drilling into concrete: How to hang something from a block wall

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TAVARES, Fla. – If you’ve ever tried to drill into a concrete wall inside your house, you know it’s a whole different experience than drilling into a wood stud inside a hollow wall — it requires concrete screws, a concrete drill bit and a hammer drill. We helped Barbara in Tavares reattach her floating kitchen shelves sagging down from a concrete block wall.

We purchased:

We brought with us:

  • Electric screwdriver

Step 1


Barbara’s floating shelves rest on metal rods concealed inside the shelves. The metal rods were attached to her wall using the wrong screws so first we removed all of them so we could start over.

Step 2


We moved over the rods slightly so we weren’t using the old holes. We drilled into the concrete using our concrete drill bit and hammer drill. The concrete drill bit has a spear tip to cut into the concrete and the hammer drill uses a hammering-type pounding action to push the drill bit into the concrete. Whatever size screws you buy, make sure the drill bit is just a bit smaller in diameter!

Step 3


Using our electric drill (it’s a lifesaver!) we drove the concrete screws into the concrete to securely attach the rods to the wall. We used screws that are 2-3/4″ long to make sure they grab the parts of the block that are solid.

Step 4

We replaced the floating shelves and installed them over the newly-secured rods and we got results at home for Barbara!

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