Winter Garden nursery makes first marijuana delivery

Delivery made to patient in St. Cloud

WINTER GARDEN, Fla. – A Winter Garden nursery that has been in business for decades did something Friday that it has never done before: make a delivery of medical marijuana.

Knox Nursery made its first delivery Friday afternoon to a home in St. Cloud.

The nursery won a competition to become the only grower and dispensary for the entire Central Florida region.
Connie, who did not want her last name used, was excited about the delivery to her 25-year-old son, Matthew.
"It just opens up a whole new door for him to be able to live a normal life and not be in pain so much," Connie told News 6 reporter Amanda Castro.

Matthew did not want to go on camera.

She said he has been sick for the last 8 years with severe stomach and leg spasms that prevent him from keeping food down.

He has not been able to leave his home for the last four years.

"He has so many body aches and pains that he's not able to function," Connie said.

Connie told News 6 that Matthew has seen more than 71 doctors and has taken more than 150 medications, and nothing has worked.

She said her son did not want to live anymore.

"You have to tell them, 'We will find something, we will find a way,'" Connie said.

Matthew started taking cannabis oil with low THC a couple of weeks ago.

"Once he saw the results, it didn't take much, and it just turned his whole life around," Connie said.

Matthew is moving around more and can eat again, hopeful that this will make his life better. She said she's not concerned about her son using marijuana as medicine.

For now, Knox Nursery is producing only "non-euphoric" marijuana that can be used for certain conditions, not the broader medical marijuana that Florida voters approved in November.

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