Here's why your car is covered in yellow powder

Oak trees cause pollen problems in Orlando area

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ORLANDO, Fla. – There are a few tell-tale signs that pollen season is kicking into full gear in the Orlando area: itchy eyes, runny noses and cars coated in yellow powder.

In Central Florida, the biggest pollen producers tend to be giant oak trees lining many parks and neighborhoods in cities like Winter Park, Sanford and Longwood.

Oaks often cause weeks of high pollen values because of their long period of pollen production. 

Many Central Floridians will be stocking up on their choice of over-the-counter or prescription medications in hopes of combating congestion, but here are some simple steps for protection:

  • Stay indoors between 5-9 a.m. This is the time when most plants tend to pollinate. Plan outdoor activities for late afternoon, or after it rains, when pollen levels are lower.
  • Keep windows closed in your home and car. Cool with air conditioners, not fans. Clean air filters more often to eliminate pollen from entering your home.
  • Wear protective masks when performing outdoor chores to reduce your chances of inhaling pollen. 
  • Change clothes, take a shower and wash your hair when you come inside. This will help remove any pollen from spreading around homes and onto carpets and furniture.

Oh, and a simple car wash will get the powder off your vehicle.

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